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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation

The words “PowerPoint” and “presentation” have become almost synonymous in the business world. The software is packed with mini-tools designed to grab the audience’s attention and drive home your message. Used correctly, these tools can be a powerful message enhancer. Go overboard, and it’s just a mess. Here are the top five ways to improve [...]

Stupid Marketing Tricks: TNT’s fake mix tape doesn’t ‘Say Anything’ interesting

Cable network TNT sent its marketing team in the wayback machine this week to send out a “sneak peek” at a new show, Men of a Certain Age. Which, based on the cast (Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher and Ray Romano) is somewhere in the late 40s to early 50s. Presumably, these men of a certain [...]

I’m tweeting this: Twitter is this year’s hot marketing tool at San Diego Comicon

Based on media coverage alone, Twitter would appear to be mainstreaming to the tune of a MySpace or Facebook. In reality, the Twitterati remains a small but vocal segment of the Internet, identify trends and riding them for brief cycles. This week represents the motherload of all Twitter cycles, as the Twitterati descend upon San [...]

Not-So-Stupid Marketing Tricks: Bruno vs. Eminem

How do you solve a problem like the “Bruno” movie? You let life imitate art. Sacha Baron Cohen pulled off one of the year’s great publicity stunts Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards, in the clip viewed round the world. Susan Boyle who? Between Sunday night and Monday, it was all about the backless chaps [...]

The value of good production hand-offs

One of the services I provide is marketing support, which is a fancy way of saying that I help marketing with whatever they need. Much of my work revolves around e-newsletters: tweaking copy provided by a vendor, managing reviews, handing off copy documents to production and even setting up and triggering final sends to millions of [...]

Case in Point: When marketers underestimate their audience

One of my deepest passions is gaming, and I have a particular love for casual games since they are great pick-up-and-play options for busy gamers like myself. I developed and maintain to help other likeminded gamers find resources to keep up with gaming news and to advocate on their behalf. So when I find a code [...]

Introducing The Writer’s Bloc

Welcome to our Seattle-based consulting company home page. But we’re more than just consultants. We’re scribes, community experts, project managers and social networking afficionados. We want to share back some of the ideas we develop in the course of our daily work. So we have relaunched this site as a blog where we can tell you some [...]

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